Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action


As a family resource and computer literacy center, SNAP offers community programs that teach civic organizing, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and job skills. They need to have their learning spaces, including the computer lab and multi-use classroom, redesigned to more efficiently accommodate a growing number of participants and staff.


Summer 2012: Work-in-progress

Incorporated’s design solution will help SNAP double its size: by day they’ll be able to offer free classes, and in the evenings paid classes that will help pay the rent. This design will amplify the community organization’s capabilities and inspire the community of lab users, job seekers, students and micro-entrepreneurs.

Fort Greene SNAP is a free access computer lab in Brooklyn where anyone in the community can come to fill the holes in their tech knowledge. Their 12-workstation computer lab is always full to the max, the free basic classes, the “Live Online” Internet classes and the weekly clinic where we teach micro-entrepreneurs how technology can help them manage and grow their businesses are also packed.

SNAP is also seeking in-kind donations of computers for its computer training lab. They are looking for 30 new or used computers, ideally Mac Minis (or other Mac computers in good working condition please). To inquire about donating, please email or call (718) 694-6957.

Special Thanks to our project storyteller, Chuck Moss, who created the video for the campaign. Please spread the word and share this campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors.


Spring 2012: Work-in-progress

The project got off to a great start in mid-February when the designers, Adam Rolston and Louisa Brown from Incorporated, visited the SNAP office in Fort Greene. A tour of the space was followed by an open discussion about the history of SNAP in the community, the services offered and the needs that are not currently being met by the limitations in the office layout and amenities. Staff and users of this neighborhood service all contributed to the conversation. “One of the things that gets me the most excited as a designer is the challenge of redesigning a space that feels too institutional, almost like a hospital.”

Following Incorporated’s second site survey visit, Henrietta Koffi and Georgianna Glose from SNAP made a trip to the designers office for a dynamic design presentation, largely inspired by the internet café model. The imaginative design is 100% based on Home Depot’s material and not only met the programmatic needs in a way that uses the full potential of the space, with a cost-effective, easy to assemble kit of parts that will aid in both fundraising and construction.

The teams worked on fundraising, speaking to vendors and preparing an indiegogo campaign with the help of storyteller/videographer Chuck Moss. They are also worked on a Pecha Kucha style presentation that was given at the Wanted Design Fair during New York Design Week.

A New Space & A New Face for Fort Greene SNAP from Iconoclast Media on Vimeo.

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