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Nostrand Park
+ WireMedia Communications

Founded in 2008, Nostrand Park is a virtual town square for the Crown Heights neighborhood, born out of a need to celebrate this vibrant Brooklyn community and promote the resources, history and inspiration it has to offer. The intersection of Nostrand and Park Streets is iconic, an undeniable representation of Crown Heights; hence the name Nostrand Park. In recognition of the efforts of Nostrand Park’s staff and volunteers and its strong backing among Crown Heights community members, Nostrand Park was invited to participate in the Fund For the City of New York’s prestigious non-profit incubator program in April 2010.

WireMedia’s goal is to cohesively brand Nostrand Park’s web site, and expand its use to be more comprehensive in servicing the community by covering local arts, culture, news, businesses, and personal stories that reflect the dynamic diversity of its residents. We took the concept of the Intersection and developed a logo to represent this symbol of a crossroads (of ideas, cultures, histories), which was then used on the website and in collateral material (such as an informational brochure, business cards, and an e-newsletter). By strengthening the brand, we can strengthen the overall impact Nostrand Park will have on this thriving community, inspiring even more involvement and appreciation for what it has to offer. New York City and its boroughs are constantly renewing themselves, and we are honored to be involved in forging a new identity for this vibrant neighborhood.

Visit the new Nostrand Park online.