New York is lucky to be home to a thriving design community that has immense talent and a desire to give back. Here are the individuals and firms we’ve worked with so far.

590BC Architecture and Design

Founded: 2010
Project Participants: Bronwyn Breitner and Luigi Ciaccia
desigNYC project: PortSide BoatBox

AB Architekten

Founded: 2010
Project Participants: Matthias Altwicker AIA, LEED AP, Jamie Abrego, Anthony Gerakos, Natalie Jaggernauth, Matthew Torres, Nisha Mary Prasad
desigNYC project: FAB Alliance Vision Plan

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects

Founded: 2009
Project Participants: Emily Abruzzo and Gerald Bodziak
desigNYC project: NY Sunworks

Aki Ishida and Lynnette Widder

Founded: 2012
Project Participants: Aki Ishida, Lynnette Widder, Catherine Cieslewicz, Carolina Cohen Freue, Adrienne Milner
desigNYC project: CLIMB

Alison Duncan Design: Landscape Architecture + Urbanism, PLLC

Founded: 2011
Project Participants: Alison Duncan, Metplantscapes
desigNYC project: CHSCC

Andre Kikoski Architect

Founded: 2003
Project Participants: Andre Kikoski & Alan Fee
desigNYC project: Aegis / Palladia

Balmori Associates

Founded: 1990
Project Participants: Diana Balmori and Noemie Lafaurie-Debany
desigNYC project: Broadway Mall

Claire Taylor Hansen

Founded: 2010
Project Participants: Claire Taylor Hansen
desigNYC project: NY Sunworks

d/b/a designbuild

Founded: 2010
Project Participants: Steve Hoffman & Chris Marcoux, principals; with Colin Campbell, Alyssa Taylor, Travis Fyfe, Jose Casimiro
desigNYC project: LES PFCU

Default & Field Office

Founded: Default, 2006; Field Office, 2013
Project Participants: Anisa Suthayalai, Default; and Alex Ching, Field Office
desigNYC project: Fourth Arts Block: The Model Block

dub Studios

Founded: 2005
Project Participants: Michael Piper, Natalya Kashper, Joe Hodler, Alexander Watchman
desigNYC project: LES BID

EOA | Elmslie Osler Architect

Founded: 1996
Project Participants: Robin Osler: Principal; Chris Shelley, Project Designer
desigNYC project: New Destiny

Felix Sockwell

Founded: 1999
Project Participants: Felix Sockwell
desigNYC project: Bronx River Alliance

FG Design Studio

Founded: 2008
Project Participants: Farzana Gandhi, Daniel Horn and Eiman Alsakha
desigNYC project: El Puente

Gabriele Wilson Design

Founded: 2006
Project Participants: Gabriele Wilson, Gelsey Maslanka, Donna Chung
desigNYC project: FoodFight


Founded: 2006
Project Participants: INC Architecture & Design PLLC
desigNYC project: SNAP

Jeffrey Garofalo Design

Founded: 2009
Project Participants: Jeffrey Garofalo
desigNYC project: Envirolution

Karen Greenberg

Founded: 2007
Project Participants: Karen Greenberg
desigNYC project: Compost for Brooklyn

Language Dept.

Founded: 2009
Project Participants: Tanya Quick, Jenn Cash, Lizania Cruz, Urcella Di Pietro
desigNYC project: Educating Tomorrow

Mapos LLC

Founded: 2008
Project Participants: Colin Brice, Anthony Chan, Xinyeng Chen
desigNYC project: FAB Alliance Vision Plan

Matiz Architecture & Design

Founded: 2002
Project Participants: Sara Matiz, Juan Matiz, Simone Polga
desigNYC project: Weeksville Heritage Center

Moorhead & Moorhead

Founded: 2000
Project Participants: Granger Moorhead, Robert Moorhead
desigNYC project: PlayHarvest’s Waterworks!


Founded: 2008
Project Participants: David Kohler, Chris Yun, Hope Kohler-Pinto
desigNYC project:

PS New York

Founded: 2004
Project Participants: Penny Hardy, Carren Petrosyan
desigNYC project: Bard Prison Initiative


Founded: 2010
Project Participants: Panthea Lee, Patrick Ainslie, Mollie Ruskin, Jeremy Canfield, Beth Dunlap
desigNYC project: Safe Horizon


Founded: 2004
Project Participants: Michael Dyer
desigNYC project: NYDesigns

Robin Key Landscape Architecture

Founded: 1987
Project Participants: Robin Key, Gareth Mahon, Erin Moriarty, Bronwyn Gropp
desigNYC project: Serviam Gardens

Studio Kudos

Founded: 2008
Project Participants: John Kudos, Kiki Katahira
desigNYC project: Clemente Soto & 2013 Fall Exhibition


Founded: 1999
Project Participants: Marcos Chavez, Melissa Showalter, Stine Nielsen, Hua Shu, Sophie Shalenberg, Fernanda Martins, Mona Khaouli
desigNYC project: Added Value, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Wire Media

Founded: 2002
Project Participants: Marcy Rye, Leslie Cain, Amanda Konopko, Elektra Rose
desigNYC project: Nostrand Park

WSDIA | WeShouldDoItAll

Founded: 2004
Project Participants: Sarah Nelson Jackson & Jonathan Jackson
desigNYC project: Arthur Ashe Institute


Founded: 2008
Project Participants: Kaja Kühl with Dan Dobson, Vanessa Espaillat, Sagi Golan and Kevin Lê (Collaborators)
desigNYC project: CLIMB