Giving health coaches better materials to help patients in East Harlem manage their diabetes.
completed October 2013
Making nutrition education accessible and easy to use.
Creating a map for The Giraffe Path, a conceptual trail that connects six northern Manhattan parks.
Building a "mobile wellness cart" to address the unique needs of South Williamsburg.
Combining modular furniture design with a community garden.
completed September 2013
Giving barbers more tools to help their customers learn about health.
completed December 2013
Mapping local food resources to encourage reinvestment in the community.
Building green infrastructures around the Gowanus by KaN Landscape
Marketing materials for a new E-waste Initiative by Pure+Applied
completed June 2012
A new identity and signage for a community garden by Karen Greenberg
Making East New York a healthier, greener place to live.
completed November 2011
Gowanus CDC and Fogelson-Lubliner
completed August 2011
Building a multigenerational garden for better community & individual health.
completed June 2010
Producing a guide to healthy eating.