October 10, 2020

desigNYC October 23 training workshop

Get the inside scoop on producing effective projects with a nonprofit organization. Join desigNYC and some of its recent participants for hands-on workshops, right on time for our upcoming Call for Nonprofit Projects and Call for ProBono Services– deadline is Thursday November 1st, midnight, under the theme Healthy Communities.

Workshop leaders will share what they’ve learned in the collaborative process between designers and nonprofits, two worlds apart and yet so complementary. While many professionals want to donate service for public good, generating successful pro bono relationships can be tricky to set up. desigNYC has pioneered a process that helps overcome these obstacles, enabling these collaborations to flourish. Participants will be given hints on how to best prepare a design brief and engage in a fruitful, well-planned collaboration.

Tuesday October 23, 2012, 6:00-8:00pm
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Designers David and Hope Kohler, founders of Otto NY, present with Wendy Brawer, executive director and founder of GreenMap, how to conduct a major website redesign. The GreenMap site is now fully implemented, with improved user experience and amplified synergy between local and global initiatives. Karen Greenberg, founder of Karen Greenberg Design&Illustration, presents with Emily Osgood, co-founder and director of communications for Compost for Brooklyn, how to build a strong identity system for a small, neighborhood-centric advocacy initiative, working with limited means and unlimited imagination.
A 2-hour long training session.

Special Thanks to Allan Chochinov and his team, School of Visual Arts’ Product of Design Department, who will be hosting desigNYC workshops.

If you have any questions re; workshops, please contact Executive Director, Laetitia Wolff, lwolff@designyc.org

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