El Puente

The asthma rate in South Williamsburg and Bushwick is twice that of NYC, and many residents suffer from diabetes and/or are overweight. 36% of young Latino adults in the area are uninsured.

El Puente wanted to develop a “botanica cart” with mobile capabilities so they can provide services and gather information about alternative medicinal practices with the Latino community. Serving an area plagued by high rates of obesity and diabetes and a lack of formal healthcare, this interactive mobile wellness unit will archive and educate the public in the practice of herbal remedies that are commonly passed down through generations. An urban strategy for the deployment of these units will consider how the project works at a number of scales to stitch together programming offered by El Puente in South Williamsburg.

El Puente has been featured in WELOVEBOLD and Urban Omnibus!

First Community Workshop, Monday May 6, 2020

The El Puente team gathered a handful of stakeholders of the South Williamsburg community to discuss how this Mobile Cart could address three kinds of questions:

How does that cart interface with Community, how does that change the way people engage with El puente? How can it engage?

Cart design / urban strategy
Size, materials, botanica items to be stored, function, locations, adaptability for multi-use or future carts, target audiences, sustainable strategies, digital interface, mobility, ease of construction/modularity, scale, infrastructural requirements such as electric, lighting, etc)
- Who is it for?
- What has it been? (Historical precedents for cart + holistic medicinal practice)
- What can it become? (focusing on industrial design/urban design and only touching on graphic design/digital design)
- What does it do?
- Where does it live?
- How is it green?
- What is its future?

What does it convey, disseminate and gather as a digital and analog platform?

2013, arts/community programs, health issues, Projects, social/economic justice, sustainability advocacy, urban farming + food education