Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc)

By looking at the interconnected needs of residents, small businesses, and nonprofits on a single city block, we are helping to develop creative solutions to the real complexities of urban sustainability.

Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) is leading the development of the East 4th Street Cultural District, the only cultural district in Manhattan. FABnyc’s primary mission is to provide ongoing resources, community building and unified marketing to support the capacity and growth of arts organizations in the East Village & Lower East Side. FAB provides specialized support and services to its 28 members through programs including Member of the Month. FAB also continues to co-direct the Naturally Occurring Cultural District NY Working Group (NOCD-NY), a unique alliance of artists, activists, and manufacturers that are committed to revitalizing NYC from the neighborhood up.

This project focuses on the development of a graphic design system, poster, and microsite that FAB can use to broadcast model block sustainability programs to its various audiences. FAB’s goal was to develop a system that could be shared with residents and other organizations to replicate the program in other neighborhoods across the city.

Field Office and Default kicked off the project by designing a large-scale banner poster distilling various initiatives developed by FAB in partnership with Cooper Union to test sustainability ideas in action. This 7’ tall poster was on display at FAB’s tent at New Museum’s Ideas City Festival in May, 2013. Development of the complete visual system and microsite will continue through 2013.

2013, arts/community programs, green infrastructure, neighborhood revitalization, Projects, sustainability advocacy