May 29, 2020

Hike the Heights and think! SAT JUNE 1st

Come join desigNYC’s CLIMB (City Life is Moving Bodies) for its annual walk in Upper Manhattan’s parks this SAT JUNE 1, 10-1PM. CLIMB, a community organization led by Columbia Mailman School of Public Health’s professor Mindy Love was paired this year with a team of fantastic designers, Kaja Kühl, Aki Ishida, and Lynnette Widder, to explore ways to define identities of the Northern Manhattan Parks. The collaboration will also create a trail map and trail markers to navigate those disconnected parks. Two workshops integral to the 9th annual hike will gather information about the hikers, the neighborhoods, and aspects of the park that are important to the hikers/participants. Join us this coming weekend for the 9th edition of Hike the Heights.  For details and meeting points, go HERE

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