Educating Tomorrow

Educating Tomorrow is a teacher-based coalition that believes our schools must take the lead in moving toward a greener future by providing our children and future leaders with an environmental education and exemplary environmental programs, such as school-wide recycling.

Design Challenge

To create an identity that captures the energy of the organization, and works as an iron-in, a button and an avatar (the real tools of this teacher grass-roots organization). To create a website which encourages engagement in the community and the classroom.

Project Objectives
Develop the organization’s image and messaging so it’s clear that they are a for-teachers-by-teachers organization working towards citywide eco-education initiatives. Craft a visual language that emphasizes the impact teachers have as catalysts for change.  Apply the message to a web platform, which not only builds community collaboration but holds a library of resources to help teachers teach green. Empower the organization to manage and maintain their web presence and actively engage users.

Description of deliverable
Phase 1: Positioning, clarified mission, identity and tagline, business cards. Identity system includes logo, logotype, color palette and additional icons. Visual language uses circles to convey the strength of many catalysts, within both the teaching and the global community. To maximize resources, business cards were designed as mini-brochures, with the key info on a perforated panel, so you can pass it along to others.

Phase 2: Drupal-based website, with impact form to dynamically capture both voices of teachers and the number of students impacted; resource libraries for teachers; partnership support; multiple ways to get involved; and fresh news & events. 8 modular page types and a CMS allow for the organization to manage the site as a living tool as they grow.

Audience/community outreach and involvement
The ET community was involved in the identity process, which helped the organization not just have a new look, but a new outlook. For Coquille, managing collective feedback was a lesson learned in leadership.

Lessons learned/obstacles/successes (of the collaboration)
For Language Dept., in editing back levels of customization of the website design to fit within Rubenstein’s agreed scope, the challenge made us think hard about where design brought the most value to the experience. Seeing ET respond to their organization being expressed through design has been very gratifying. We can see that the identity and site have really given them a feeling of empowerment in their work.

Impact at city level
The impact a teacher can have on the life of a student is difficult to quantify, but Educating Tomorrow is preparing the next generation of environmental innovators and leaders. By having a strong identity and online presence, Educating Tomorrow’s efforts will connect the green school community more fluidly and rapidly, generating exponential green school growth.

Special Thanks
The project received donated paper from Materials for the Arts to reuse, since waste is a critical issue for the organization. It also received in-kind sponsorship from GSB, Inc. to digitally print ET’s business cards. Special thanks to Stephan Steiner, President

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