New Destiny Housing Corporation


This organization develops and manages projects that provide housing and services to low-income families and individuals at risk of domestic violence and homelessness. For a 41-unit project located in the Highbridge/Concourse section of the Bronx, New Destiny is in need of a good design scheme for its common spaces and also a children’s room.

Domestic violence victims must often choose between living with their abuser or becoming homeless.  The Anderson is one of very few permanent housing projects aimed at aiding DV victims in New York State. New Destiny, the developer and owner of the project, focuses on the long-term safety and stability of domestic violence survivors post-shelter and post-crisis by developing affordable housing and providing housing related services.

New Destiny Housing Corporation, a non-profit that builds housing for survivors of domestic abuse and their families, needed interior design for two common rooms: a children’s playroom and a community room used for a wide variety of functions. Based on feedback from New Destiny tenants, we concluded that the common rooms should function as an extension of the private apartments. They should feel residential, comfortable, safe, and stylish while accommodating a wide variety of activities and events.

Half of the 41 apartments at 1070 Anderson Avenue will provide safe, attractive homes for homeless women and children leaving the domestic violence shelter system. New Destiny Housing was matched with EOA/Elmslie Osler Architect. Principal architect Robin Elmslie Osler and her team set to work creating visually stunning solutions for the Anderson’s common spaces. Sara Bengur, of Sara Bengur Interiors, also served as desigNYC’s advisor on the project; Bengur has previously worked with New Destiny to create interior design concepts during the construction of its other Bronx building, Marcello Manor.

2012, Projects, public housing