Eating Healthy in Bed-Stuy

Bed-Stuy Farm Share
Darhil Crooks

Across America, food deserts are emerging — barren areas where residents have little access to healthy foods, which leads to a myriad of health issues including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The Bed-Stuy neighborhood in central Brooklyn is one such desert.

One organization that is turning the desert green with healthy, local food is the Bed-Stuy Farm Share. The organization does extensive outreach and education to ensure that people who are at greatest risk of diet-related illness have knowledge of and access to nutritious foods. Time and time again, however, the organization is confronted with a critical problem: residents don’t understand the connection between diet and health and are unexposed to the benefits of local food growing.

To help change perceptions and behaviors, they collaborated with a coalition of gardeners, CSA organizers, market managers and health professionals through the local Central Brooklyn Task Force on Health & Fitness to produce content for a guide that could inform the community about the benefits of eating healthy foods.

desigNYC connected the coalition with Darhil Crooks, art director of Esquire magazine, to design the guide, Eating Healthy in Bed-Stuy. With bold graphics and new photography featuring local residents, the piece introduces preventive health care concepts with specifics on diabetes and heart disease, facts about the neighborhood, seasonal recipes and information about community food projects. Food is a social justice issue and a public health issue; it’s also an economic development issue, a regional planning issue, and an ecological issue. Only through interdisciplinary collaboration and action can we change the patterns of the city and improve the health of its residents.

Project Needs
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