Identity + Style Guide
Bronx River Alliance + Felix Sockwell
and Tom Vasquez

The Bronx River Alliance is a nonprofit organization that works closely with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and over 100 other local, regional, and national nonprofits, government agencies and other partners to protect and restore the Bronx River and Greenway. The Alliance grew out of a community groundswell to reclaim the Bronx River as a resource for Bronx River communities.

The objective for the desigNYC partnership is to unify the look and feel of their materials (print, web, email, etc.) via a Style Guide, so that all of their communications reinforce the new identity as an organization. A secondary goal of the project is to provide the Alliance with some updated and new icons that can be put into use in their promotional communications for the various events held throughout the year.

It is our collective hope that once our work is put to use, a greater awareness about the Bronx River Alliance’s mission will be understood. Through the use of a cohesive, consistent aesthetic approach, more people will be inspired to contribute toward this worthy endeavor. Eventually, additional revenue streams could be garnered through the sale of consumer-based artifacts that utilize the work that we created, such as t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, buttons, posters, and more.

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