Children’s Play Room
Enterprise Community Partners, Palladia, Inc.
+ Andre Kikoski Architect

Working with Enterprise Community Partners and Palladia Inc., Andre Kikoski Architect (AKA) is redesigning and enhancing the childcare learning and recreation spaces at Aegis, a short-tem residential facility that provides safety and healing for survivors of domestic violence.

The project began with a collaborative design charrette with parents and children facilitated by the Aegis, Enterprise and Palladia client team. AKA is translating these collective aspirations into a new design that will enhance recreation, childcare, learning, and the most requested activity, reading. The new areas provide designated areas for group activities, and also create areas for discovering a new book and sharing a story. The newly renovated spaces will support the Palladia’s ongoing mission of empowerment by providing an improved environment for interaction, education and guidance.

Aegis is a demonstration of Palladia’s 40-year history of success and commitment to providing ongoing guidance and recovery support to thousands of families in New York City though a variety of services. The survivors of domestic violence are provided with a variety of services: safety, housing, parenting skills, support networks, and academic and counseling referrals for children. The location of the facility is kept confidential to protect the families.