Safe Horizon

Photos by Reboot

Nonprofit: Safe Horizon
Designer: Reboot
Advisor: Chelsea Mauldin

Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program provides services to all victims of human trafficking, including both labor and sex trafficking. They are in need of outreach materials based upon the testimonies of survivors, as well as training materials for member-led, community-based organizations.


Spring: Work-in-progress

On March 9th, design firm Reboot led a workshop with the team from Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program, exploring the “eco-system” of the human-trafficking field. The goal was to map out the main stakeholders – the “clients/survivors” themselves and the network of service providers (from law enforcement and medical providers to advocacy groups and funders) directly or indirectly working with survivors. A brief assessment of existing trafficking communications and campaigns helped define the true design challenge for Reboot: how to reach out to a population that is pretty much invisible and not always aware that what is happening to them is a crime.

As the Reboot team recapped their findings, Safe Horizon needs an outreach campaign that meets the unique needs of its diverse client groups. This campaign should help trafficked individuals better understand the severity of their circumstances and their possible courses of action, with the end goal – in coordination with other services and programs – of helping them gain agency and ultimately the means to exit their situations.

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