Envriolution’s goal is to effectively train and grow the nascent green workforce, while directly stimulating efforts to ramp up the retrofit of existing buildings to combat climate change.

This project seeks to provide instructors in Envirolution’s green jobs training programs with a set of innovative, interactive, and engaging 3-D building models that will enhance the teaching of building science, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

The project calls for two models — one illustrates a typical single family home, while the other illustrates a six-story mixed-use building typical of an urban multifamily setting. These tools will bring to life specific efficiency issues and interrelationships that arise from the operations and maintenance of the seven energy using building systems: envelope, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, hot water, lighting, and plug-load.

desigNYC connected Envirolution with M&E Engineers and Jeffrey Garofalo Graphic Design phase one of the project: M&E Engineers is creating a series of energy models in eQUEST that will form the data backbone of the project’s 3-D tools and Jeffrey Garofalo is creating the comprehensive graphic presentation environment.

The tools have the potential to take the teaching of building performance to the next level – enabling students to get a real understanding for the interrelationship of building systems and energy performance in a classroom setting.

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