Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Two Bridges is working to make Pier 42 a living laboratory, to publicly demonstrate and explore local climate impacts in a low-lying, low-income waterfront neighborhood on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Two Bridges Neighborhood Council has been dedicated to serving the many neighborhoods of Manhattan’s Lower East Side since 1955. We create equitable housing, celebrate cultural diversity through neighborhood-based programs, and work together with local residents, businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders to stimulate and maintain economic vitality.

Working with landscape architects dlandstudio, Two Bridges is creating a series of site-specific installations on Pier 42, a pop-up park created by the Lower East Side Waterfront Alliance and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with community participation. The interactive installations will help interpret the ecological history of the waterfront and the scientific principles behind resilient design.

McMillian + Furlow will join as collaborators in order to create a printed communications piece to help explain the environmental factors shaping the community (including land use, the built environment, open space, transportation infrastructure, point source and non point source polution, storm water runoff & river health) and how human actions can help mitigate climate impacts.

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