Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

For every $1 spent at a local small business, 64 cents remains within the local economy compared to 32 cents for big-box and chain businesses. Or put into local context, if every resident of Two Bridges shifted $1/day of their spending to a local business, we’d generate a little over $9.3M that would re-circulate through the Two Bridges local economy.

Two Bridges serves the residential, commercial, and cultural life of Manhattan’s Lower East Side through community-based programs and strategic partnerships. Our service area includes the economically, culturally, and ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Two Bridges, Chinatown, Little Italy, the East Village, and the Bowery Corridor.

After the closing of a local supermarket, the community needed visual design services for their Food Access Guide to local fresh food related businesses. Among the lowest income neighborhoods in New York, with one of the highest rates of reliance on food subsidies, the Two Bridges neighborhood is also home to one of the most diversified and vibrant food markets in the city: Chinatown. Two Bridges wanted to develop a map that would increase knowledge of and access to the food sources already in the neighborhood. 

The initiative, NeighborFood, enhances information and facilitates access to fresh, affordable, and local food in the Two Bridges Neighborhood. Through leveraging small businesses, the local economy is strengthened in the wake of the closing of Pathmark Supermarket. By increasing traffic to new specialty stores, food becomes a bridge to cultural divides. The NeighborFood guides are printed in three languages; English, Spanish, and Chinese, and will eventually be accompanied by a digital application.

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